Lawyers representing punk icons the SEX PISTOLS have threatened a London-based ice-cream company with legal action over an ad campaign they insist resembles the band's iconic GOD SAVE THE QUEEN record sleeve.

Icecreamists marketing men thought they'd come up with a funny idea to sell the brand, using punk artist Jamie Reid's design and adding the tagline 'God Save The Cream'. The online ads feature a picture of the Queen backed by a Union Jack flag, with an ice cream spoon in her mouth.

In a cease and desist letter sent to Icecreamists, the Pistols' lawyers insisted the company stop using Sex Pistols influences to advertise their products. Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor admits he's puzzled by the legal spat: "We are a bit dumbfounded that a group that made its reputation for being banned is trying to ban one of our ice creams." Ironically, Icecreamists offer an absinthe-based ice-cream cocktail called the Sex Pistol.


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