Peter Hook: "I Impersonated Ian Curtis"

Peter Hook has confessed to impersonating Ian Curtis in an attempt to fool Joy Division fans. The bass hero discussed his upcoming signing tour in aid of his new book, 'The Hacienda - How Not To Run A Club' and admitted that he'll "sign anything".

"Bernard [Sumner]'s signature is much more valuable than mine, because he never signed anything! And I did have a reputation for doing Ian Curtis's autograph for a long time.

"There's some guy in the Northern Quarter who had 'An Ideal For Living' up and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died? He went, Oh no! It was me, I did them as a joke! In very poor taste. It was up there for £200, so my name is now mud among collectors."


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