Nirvana Releases New Song

It`s called “Scoff” and yes, that is Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

It was 20 years ago that Nirvana released the “Bleach” album. It has been re-mastered and is about to be re-released with a chunk of bonus material, including that song. It was recorded at The Pine Street Theatre in Portland on Feburary 9, 1990. Chad Channing is still the drummer.

Tapes from that show have been circulating as bootlegs for years, but this is the first time this material will be available legitimately. This expanded, remastered version of “Bleach” will be in stores on November 3, the same day that the Foo Fighters greatest hits record gets released. Lots of grunge and post-grunge for the kids this year.

Here`s a link to a free download of the song.


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