MGMT release 'Kids' video

Fittingly, MGMT’s new official video for hit song ‘Kids’ features, among others, features plastic villains who look like they've walked off the set of Toxic Avenger or Kesatria Baja Hitam (Masked Rider Black), a kid, Joanna Newsom, a mystical Svengali-like wolf, a pig in a ballerina outfit, and MGMT themselves in silver dresses. In short, the Sesame Street version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

According to MGMT, “‘Kids’ has proven to be some kind of monster with a life of its own, both an albatross and a plate of mac and cheese with fake bacon (Annie's), and the process of creating this video was nearly as convoluted and veiny as the general style of this here letter of introduction. As Jerry Garcia once rudely remarked about the eventual and unavoidable filling in (with sand) of the historic United States Grand Canyon, ‘What a long strange rip it's been.'"


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