Laundry SOUK @ Laundry Bar

31 May 2009, 2pm - 6pm. Admission is free. Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia

The city’s music venue hotspot Laundry Bar launches a brand new monthly capturing the essence of music and art.

Chill out after a hearty Sunday lunch and mingle with people from the music and design industries as they offer wares like handmade decorative items, photographs and graphics, independent CDs, DJs, vintage/original music wear, instruments, sheet music and much more. Filling the space between your head will be reggae stage jammers and other guest musicians.

This month, Laundry SOUK features performances by DJ Fuzz, Spirits of Music, Ereena (Infinatez, G Strings, Luscious, Polar Attraction, TOKYO BLUES) and Laguna Records (Estrella, Pure Vibracion).

Designers include Saya Sukalah!, Gerai OA and Oh&Ah, plus an assortment of TGIF memorabilia up for grabs!

-yeah...nk tgk estrella...hehehehe..jom2..


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